Massage Therapy

60 MINUTES $80 • 90 MINUTES $110 • 120 MINUTES $140

Massage Therapy performed by Robert Bershadsky. Robert is knowledgable and proficient in Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Swedish Massage. Combining all these techniques to the individual needs of his clients, allows for his clients to experience a deep therapeutic healing to increase blood flow thru the body and to take away the deep unwanted tension built up in the body, mind and spirit. 

Thai and Fly Therapeutics

30 MINUTES $40

Using the supportive nature of AcroYoga and the therapeutic knowledge of Thai Massage, Robert combines these two worlds in what is known as Thai and Fly. Bringing his clients into a comfortable posture on his legs, Robert helps to create a deep stretch in the torso and connecting joints of the body as gravity does all the work to release all the unwanted tension build up along the spine.