I have received multiple Reiki sessions from Abigail, and Holy Fire was a completely different and unique experience! I was guided through a visualization where I experienced pure bliss. I was wading in water and felt the feeling of floating up into the clouds. This experience allowed me to process a ‘real life’ situation I was moving through, and approach it with ease and grace. I left the experience feeling lighter and transformed. Excited to do it again!
— Rebecca, Chicago

My healing session with Abigail was truly remarkable.

It was my first time receiving Reiki, having an activated crystal grid laid upon me and around me, and experiencing the soothing vibrations from crystal singing bowls- all at once!

My mind became clear and my body felt as though it could have been floating right then and there. At one point, I felt the weight of my body lessen and I released energy that I had been carrying that quite literally weighed me down.

As she played the crystal singing bowls, the vibrations washed over my entire body and it made me feel as though parts of me that may have been “asleep” were fully awakened.

The beautiful union of all elements of this healing session, especially Abigails’ extraordinary gifting as a healer, made for a truly and deeply transformational experience.
— Krystle, Chicago

I’ve been out of touch with my spirituality for five years now. I fell into a pretty dark depression and have tried getting back into my practice and rituals many times since, but never stuck with it and didn’t reach the progress I was at before. Since the Holy Fire healing session I am starting to feel more like myself and am finically sticking to a routine and feel completely different than I did a month and a half ago. Much happier and finally optimistic again. Thanks so much
— Dahlia, Chicago

Even healers need to be healed...

I had an incredible integrative reiki session with Abigail yesterday at 11am on 11:11. Needless to say, it was MAGICAL 👑✨. She used crystal grids and a sound bath to maximize the reiki healing. If you are local to Chicago, definitely reach out to her for a private session! As soon as she put the crystals on me, I felt my energy shift. As the session continued, these crystals became a part of me and imparted their healing. .
Sometimes we carry dark energy with us. Could be from a person, a fight, an experience. No matter how much sage I used, I couldn’t shake it. This is why we have healers 🙏🏻. While sitting with ourselves in hurt is important because it shows us what we need to work on, too much sitting in that space for me gets toxic. .
Whether you are a healer or not, get help when you need it! Asking for help from a friend, loved one, or healer only makes you stronger. Working with healers helps us regain our POWER.
— Becca, Chicago

— Bhairavi

My first ever Holy Fire Reiki session was amazing. Abby agreed to not only work on me but my 8 year old daughter simultaneously. We both had positive experiences. Mine of a calming & reassuring nature and of letting go. My daughter’s was one more of a path/journey of finding one’s self. Such a great way to spend part of our mother/daughter day together! Thank you again Abby!
— Karen, Chicago

The magical Abigail put her Reiki spell on me today, and I’m absolutely bewitched.
Her blend of Reiki, sound bath, and crystal healing helped ease my heart and melt away all the excess energy I’ve been accumulating/picking up for some time. As someone who holds space for others often, I’m quite picky about who I trust and whole heartedly endorse. But Abigail is a rare gem. She will soothe your sorrow, authentically and sweetly lift your negativity, and you’ll leave light, whole, and completely nourished. Thank you thank you thank you. Infinite gratitude for your gifts
— Sam, Chicago